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Values-Based Education


At St Christophers Academy, we have adopted a values-based approach to education. This helps children to understand a range of basic values such as friendship, honesty and tolerance.  We were inspired to adopt Values-based education as the approach aims to provide pupils with the self-esteem and confidence to explore and develop their full potential. We believe the Values of the country we live in such as Tolerance, Democracy, Honesty, Freedom of Speech and Respect should be promoted through our ethos and school culture.  The programme promotes an inclusive school ethos and encourages pupils to take a greater responsibility for their behaviour, attitudes to each other and their learning.


As a school, we have chosen a set of 12 values which we believe underpin all aspects of a school’s life and work. We will focus on one value a term over a two year rolling programme. Our chosen values are discussed in assemblies and children are encouraged to explore each value for themselves. We work hard to promote our values across all areas of the curriculum. Practising these values makes our school a happy place where every child’s personal, social and spiritual development is supported.


Our Values are:

Peace and Unity.


For more information on Values Education, visit http://www.valuesbasededucation.com/