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Summer Reading

Dear Parents,

Just to let you know that all school reading books will need to be handed back to school no later than Friday 15th July. This is to allow an audit of all library books to take place to ensure we are stocked for the next academic year.


Children in Key Stage 2 will still be able to keep reading books within their Accelerated Reader Zpd Range, as these books are not solely specific to a school reading scheme. To find out which books your child can read please follow the link below to AR Bookfinder (this link can also be found on our school webpage). This will allow you or your child to search for books of interest within their reading range. Please remember that these books can come from the local library, home bookshelves or bookshops.


 We would appreciate it if you would actively encourage your child to continue reading throughout the Summer Holidays as reading confidence and ability has been seen to dip after long sustained periods of not reading. We would also encourage the children to experiment with the types of books they read to explore different authors and genres of writing.


Within Key Stage 2, all children will take a Star Reader Test in the Autumn Term to determine their new Zpd range.


If your child will be moving into Year 3 from Year 2 in September, a reading meeting will be held during the Autumn Term to explain how Accelerated Reader works.


Thank you for your co-operation, ensuring St Christophers continues to be a school which encourages and celebrates the joy of reading.


Book Finder UK: http://www.arbookfind.co.uk/


Accelerated Reader: https://ukhosted58.renlearn.co.uk/2232187/

Accelerated Reader


This term all of Key Stage 2 are using our Accelerated Reader (AR) program. I have been very busy keeping the library fully stocked with lots of new and exiting books by your favourite authors. If you would like to know whether a book is on AR simply use the link below to help with this.




This website will allow you to search for books to see whether they are in AR and what the book level is. You can also check how many points each book is worth and what the interest level is. Remember is it is LY that is lower years, MY is medium years (year3-6) and UY is upper years (ear 6 and above).


If you find books on here and you would like to read them please do it! You can always check whether the books in your local library on AR as well. Please have a look in the KS2 library for recommended reads on the blue book stand. Challenge yourself with a book from the LKS2 list or the UKS2 list.


Happy Reading:)