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Colomendy Wales 2016

Wednesday and Thursday


Apologies to you all for not uploading another blog entry. The days here are simply jam packed with adventure and challenge and excitement. By the time I got round to this I was utterly exhausted! I've been asking the children how they are enjoying the week and they tell me it's awesome-high praise indeed. Latisha thinks climbing is her favourite, others think caves and others can't decide. At the moment, mine is starting fires. How many of us can say we learnt to make fires at school? Apologies if they continue this new skill at home. 


Rafting with the children yesterday was an absolute delight. From torrential rain to gorgeous sunshine we've experienced it all. But what a hoot it was, William went on and lost a paddle, Maddi couldn't get her grip and by the end they were all in. Shrieks of laughter could be heard all the way back up the hill. I have to say I was really pleased we had all those swimming lessons. 


We've had Eco-trail and collected a Ginormous (Lily's word) amount of bugs this week. They have also chased me around woods and field with them all. Eliot giggling with pleasure at chasing the deputy around with bugs and long grass! In the end I had to give up and I've hidden inside for a minute.


there have been so many amazing moments this week that it is difficult to capture them all for you. For now I shall have to leave you with a few snaps because I have to get back to having fun.


Miss Ferdinand


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I hope you are feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. The children here slept well with only one major incident…a spider in the year 5 girl’s dorm. As you can imagine there were many screams and Miss Boundy came running, to find Lily, Keira, Latisha and Beth all looking very concerned. They were so worried that they felt it necessary to slept on the floor (in front of the door), to avoid the spider. This was all except Beth who braved it all and stayed in her bed. The very bed with the said spider. Have no fear, I convinced them their beds were a better option and they had to agree.

Breakfast this morning was another hearty affair with scrambled eggs, toast, beans and sausages. There was also cereal and fruit too. This was definitely needed as we have had a busy day and still more activities to go. Up and down the hill we go, from balance beam to problem solving, to volley ball and team tech and to…the bench where I needed to sit and have a rest. We had some snacks in between to keep us going as breakfast was soon becoming a distant memory.

We were back on form with lunch, another meal with a wide variety of options; salad bar, tomato soup, sweet and sour chicken, omelettes, macaroni cheese and lots of veg. This has managed to keep us going although I think team S required a little extra after their competitive volley ball game. I spied Matt and Mr Lewis getting stuck into that!

The children have been fab, we’ve had Louix leading a group with team tech ideas. Chloe was a superstar, climbing all the way to the top on balance beam and Eliot raced to the top of his wanting to go backwards! Jessica A was another Balance Beam champion heading the top and jumping off with ease.

A full on day, with night walks back in time and caves too. The caves were my favourite, the whole group in the caves giving hi fives like long lost friends. There was a definite Aztec Zone, Crystal Maze feel, no harmonica player though!

I would say the children went to bed straight away but the answer would be no. Face masks for year 6 girls and Joseph and co, chatting away until 2am! Just when it was all still…the sheep started up.

A great day though.


Monday night


Good night all,


So, here I sit in the teacher’s lounge desperately trying to get the images to load. The beauty of the Welsh countryside is the spectacular lack of Wi-Fi! Beside me sit the teacher’s from another school, also trying to update their blog and add some of the many photos from their day. Happy days…it has worked and below should be a few snaps from our day so far.

In the last update we were on our way to dinner. It was met with approval from nearly all. Nice big portions, hot through and definitely tasty. A big thumbs up from me. There were a few trips to the salad bar- Mrs Hundel, they chose more salad here than in the dining hall at school. We shall expect the same love of salad when we get back J

After dinner there was some free time. Some children chose to play volley ball (with the gentle spray of rain), others chose to explore the shop and others decided to chill out in their dorms. When I met them on the way to dinner Jago resembled the sand man, pretty much covered in the sand. He wasn’t the only one, Latisha’s face was also covered.

The camp fire was absolutely hilarious, (Please ask the children to tell you who Richard is). We have a few stand-up comics in our mist, Samuel can really tell a joke! Kayleigh had a few riddles up her sleeve and Hari-Om had a Hakka style dance move. Keira is quite taken with the sheep and is convinced one is talking to herJ Lily was far too cool for the dancing by the camp fire but had a bit of a wiggle with help from Keira.

We’ve had lots of giggles already and we’re looking forward to the rest of the week. Tomorrow we have some problem solving, Frisbee golf, balance beams and caves too! Let’s hope they sleep well as they’ll need all their energy. At the moment they’re all in the land of nod dreaming of the ‘lady in the river, ‘Richard’ and sheep.

Miss Ferdinand

Making beds

Making beds 1
Making beds 2
Making beds 3
Making beds 4
Making beds 5

Good evening all,


The drive here was great thanks to our coach driver and we have arrived safe and sound. During the journey we had the Disney/Harry Potter/football quiz at the front of the coach and the colouring and cards at the back. We even had Hari-Om reading for a while (excellent for Accelerated Reading) although, I was relieved when he put his book down and chilled with the others. I have heard reading does not help with travel sickness and I am more than happy to keep my First Aid skills in my bag. Needless to say I am very pleased to say that we arrived without any travel sickness incidents.


As you may have seen on twitter, making beds was not the easiest task and some of us needed quite a lot of help! The boys outdid the girls though we Hari-Om and Kaylem’s dorm looking spotless.

After a tour of the site the children have gone off to begin their activities. We have one group doing Aeroball and another doing archery. Thanks to Miss Burnham for ensuring that we had the basics for this before we arrived.

The centre is extremely busy this week with approximately 400 guests onsite but we are easy to spot with our red t- shirts on. If that didn’t make us easy to spot we have a very giggly Keira and a teacher calling the name WilliamJ The children are behaving well and enjoying the fresh air.

At the moment I can hear the melody of Dancing Queen from the school in the dorms above. I am hopeful that it’s something I won’t hear when trying to sleep later on!

Enjoy your evening all of you at home. We are off to dinner shortly which I believe was chicken and sweetcorn pie, cauliflower and broccoli gratin and ice cream for pudding. Yum yum.


Miss Ferdinand

Good evening all,


I will update the blog shortly. I'm currently trying to get the computer to recognise my USB device. Photos to follow shortly.