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 The governing body is accountable for the school’s overall performance – though the school is run on a day to day basis by the Principal, the governing body works closely with the Principal  to set the overall direction and aims of the school and to monitor the progress. The governing body acts as a ‘critical friend’ to the school offering a balance of support and challenge. Our roles and responsibilities are outlined in the document  BEST - Scheme of Delegation -  which can be found below. 

Scheme of Delegation.


Name Area of Responsibility Committees
Mrs Sam Stredder CoG  EYFS/ SEND/Safeguarding All committees 
Mr Vince Dunnell Health and Safety Premises 
Mrs Lucy Stewart tba Curriculum/ Finance/Personnel 
Mr Binu Cherian tba Finance/ Premises/Curriculum  
Miss Ashleigh Ferdinand Curriculum All 
Mrs Pam Jones Principal  All

 All our governors are contactable through the school. 





Each governor is appointed for a four year term which can be renewed for a further four years.

If you would like to contact the governors you can either write to The Chair of Governors c/o St Christopher's Academy, or, if your letter is of a non-confidential nature, you can email via the school email address: admin@stchristophersacademy.org.


If you would like to become a governor please write or email with an expression of interest in the first instance using the contact details above. 

Pecuniary Interests of Local Governors, Trustees and Members


All staff and governors have completed declarations of interests, and there are no items to declare to date.  This is discussed in every governors meeting and reviewed annually.  Any interests will be noted here with a copy of our schedule.