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All school Governors have password access to the Governors Portal on the Community page. 


 The governing body is accountable for the school’s overall performance – though the school is run on a day to day basis by the Principal. We work closely with the Principal  to set the overall direction and aims of the school and to monitor our progress. We act as a ‘critical friend’ to the school offering a balance of support and challenge. Our responsibilities include appointing the Principal  and other senior staff, overseeing the school’s finances, making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based and setting targets for pupil achievement.


St Christophers Academy Governors: Who we are

 We have 9 governors at St Christophers Academy. There are:

  • 4 Parent governors -  
  • 2 Staff governors  -  the Principal together with the Vice Principal.
  • 3 Community governors. 

The Governing Body has a Chair and a Vice Chair.

Each governor is appointed for a four year term which can be renewed for a further four years.

If you would like to contact the governors you can either write to The Chair of Governors c/o St Christopher's Academy, or, if your letter is of a non-confidential nature, you can email via the school email address: admin@stchristophersacademy.org.


If you would like to become a governor please write or email with an expression of interest in the first instance using the contact details above. 

Governor roles and Responsibilities 2016

End of Year Letter From the Chair of Governors

As my academic year as Chair draws to a close, on behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to congratulate our teachers for working with such dedication with our children.


At St Christophers, we have a very thorough monitoring system in place to check progress and attainment levels of all children, we are very pleased with the end of year results, they all made great progress, and our first year 6 SATS results are very good.


Mrs Jones, her management team and all of the school staff can be proud of their contribution towards these results.


While those are extremely important, the staff works very hard to make sure every pupil has the opportunity to develop their extra curricular interests as broadly as possible with the help of our specialist teachers of Art, Sport and Foreign Language.

The school has organised lots of visits, had many visitors and welcomed parents for a variety of activities, “Art Exhibition”, “Come and Sing”, “Maths Challenge, Lunch with your child”, “pottery evenings, French café” and our first trip abroad in France. I had the pleasure to accompany them in their venture, it was a wonderful trip, and the children's behaviour was impeccable.


Thank you to all parents for their continued support also in sending donations and bringing children to events. The support of the PTA is very much appreciated; they bring the children, staff and parents together. Our Summer Fete was a wonderful event, a fantastic atmosphere, a day filled with sunshine, smiles and laughter ... and the large amount of money raised will be spent on improving the facilities in the school, we are so looking forward to our new artificial grass in September. 


So on behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to thank all the people who worked tirelessly for our children, for their absolutely fantastic work, dedication and commitment without them all we would have no school. 


Sadly we are saying goodbye to our Year 6's, we wish you all the best in your new school(s).


And lastly wishing you all a wonderful summer, looking forward to seeing you in September. 


Patricia Edwards


Chair of Governors. 


Welcome from the Chair of Governors


The governors are delighted to welcome you to St Christophers Academy.


I hope that these first few weeks of the autumn term have been enjoyable for 

your children and that those who started in September have now settled in 



I would like to thank the governing body for their contribution in time, 

enthusiasm and support last year.


The Governing Body is responsible for all matters relating to the school 

including teaching and learning, safeguarding, health and safety, staffing, 

premises and ensuring financial accountability.


With regards to our new building being built, the premises committee has 

been busy planning the new classrooms for upper KS2. We are delighted with 

the progress and looking forward to the end result.


We are an enthusiastic team who are happy to devote time and energy to 

ensure that the school is the best that it can be and our most important role is

to monitor the safeguarding and the education of our pupils. We are here to 

make sure that all children are making good progress in their learning and 

achieving high standards, and that they are happy to come to school and feel 



We believe your expectations for your child will be fulfilled here at St 

Christophers Academy.


We are always keen to seek the views of parents, so please come and talk to 

us when you see us at school, in the playground or at any school function.


Patricia Edwards

Chair of Governors