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Head Pupils 2014-2015

Friday 12th June 2015


Hi I’m Scott and Maisie is busy doing house stuff… I believe /:. But anyway.

This week we have been doing VERY important big writing in English. It’s being sent out to our new schools we are going to next school year. I’m excited (I’ve been told to say that) <- I’m just kidding I am excited!

In science we have been doing experiments and memory tests to find out what we find easier to memorise. I did the science thing with my table partner… the person who sits next to me (Jaden). Our test was about if it was easier to memorise pictures or words. Of course, my prediction was incorrect… So smart Scott… So smart >:(. I thought words would be easier to memorise but stupidly, I was wrong. Any way then we had to write if our prediction was true (embarrassing as only one person, or should I say test subject, found it easier to memorise words rather than pictures)

Annnyyywwwaaayyy back on track. Some of the year 4 boys did an assembly on football on our school field at lunch time and how we’re introducing red and yellow cards for whoever plays football because I think people were arguing over who was right and who was wrong. Oh and they were hacking (fouling on purpose) other people. I believe…

Yeah I hope you enjoyed this I hope you enjoyed this NORMAL blog with one person in. Stay tuned for next week! Bye again!

Scott and no Maisie

Headboy and no Headgirl

Friday 5th June 2015


Hello fellow bloggers. What have you been up to lately? That’s a rhetorical question you like? Of course you do >:D! Ok we’re joking. Lol. Anyways, this week we have been doing French history.

This week year 5’s have been doing bike ability and their tests. Bike ability is when you just ride bikes around the roads near the school and learn how to ride safely. In maths we have been adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Science we have been learning about the periodic table.

We almost forgot to say, we did our class assembly on Thursday. We had to sing Let It Go (booooo) Maisie likes frozen (unlike Scott). It was all about courage and doing the right thing even in difficult situations. In our opinion it went really well.


Anyway I think that’s it. So ba bye J.

Headboy and Headgirl

Scott and Maisie 

Friday 8th May 2015


Hi there again! We have done a blog about 14 or 15 times now but SATs are next week so we may not be able to write to you on that week . Oh well there’s a lot happening this week ! This week we’ve been reading The Hunger Games a bit more. It got a bit romantic… Too romantic. Katniss and Peeta SMOOCHED! And slept in the same sleeping bag!!!

Our opinions on that:

Scott: It was romantic, maybe a bit too romantic…

Maisie: It was a bit too much, a bit too fast.

Miss Ferdinand said that Katniss and Peeta kissed in order to help with the sponsorship they needed to survive the games. We are nearly at the end of the book and we're wondering who will survive the games???

In the afternoon most of the time we were just doing SATs revision. Mostly on maths, not too much on English.

As well as our normal English lessons, we have been doing mock papers for our SPaG and reading tests. Scott is trying to write all the punctuation he knows so he gets a good grade!

Any what… That was the weirdest things I’ve ever said.

ANYWAY! Off to maths: In maths we have been writing on a whiteboard! Ok If Mr. Leonard is reading this, please don’t put us in detention. You and your level 6 maths group are here right now! But honestly, it’s banter. But we have moved on a bit (not much) on the whiteboards! We also forgot to say that because of SATs we have had to miss our favourite lessons: art, French, clarineo and P.E. < (Scott’s favourite ).

We had to miss our assembly on Friday and Wednesday. I think that was from SATs. We’re not sure. All through writing our blog we have had the level 6 maths group boys, and 1 girl, speaking very loudly.


Also, We have been doing a lot of mental maths and spelling tests lately to practice SATs. It’s getting intense.

We also forgot this: In English we have been doing reading comprehension on The Hunger Games in our English book to help us with the reading test (ahhh it is on Mondayyyyyyy).


As most of us know, the UK elections have been occurring this week. The last time I heard, the conservatives were ahead of all the other groups.      

We don’t really do politics, so this is all the information we actually know .


Ok so on a high note, we tried to make this the longest blog EVER! Only because it could be one of the last blogs ever!  anyways goodbye,

Scott and Maisie

Headboy and Headgirl


Friday 17th April 2015

Yolo Mc Swagins our yolos J. Now that was stupid… But yeah, welcome back to the blog!

This week we have done lots of exciting things. Lol not. I’m joking! On Monday… Oh wait, we weren’t here on Monday!

On Tuesday, we returned from eating chocolate…. Caramel… and lots of sugggggar. Are you hungry now? If not we are, we’d like to go home and eat chocolate eggs now L. Oh well it’s only a little wait, we guess… we hope. So anyway this week we (Scott and Maisie) got a sneak peek at a room our lovely builders are creating, it’s a changing room! For everyone! Also, it is a multi-purpose room that has a working toilet and frosted glass windows. It has a wooden floor and white walls. Altogether it is an amazing room.

We are also very excited for our new prefects! They are being interviewed today and will told soon whether they got the job or not.

We will reveal who the new prefects are next Friday so tune in J.

Bye for now!

Scott and Maisie

Head boy and Head girl  

Friday 20th March 2015


Hello guys. How you been? Yeah yeah we know fabulousJ!

This week we have been learning how to answer questions and we have been preparing for May. We have had mock SATS! Many people got very high results such as level 5b’s and 5a’s. This afternoon though we have been making leaflets on our own theme park. Coming in 2027 J. For the past 3 weeks we have had an LSA helper person called Miss Kabir who was really nice and left us some yummy smarties when she left this week as she was only here to see Mr Leonards teaching methods. She has been to a few other schools and saw how their teachers teach.

Alex and Maisie (scott was very ill)

Deputy headboy and headgirl.

Friday 13th March 2015


Hi blog gang surprise! Good to see you! How are you? We’re good! Let’s start the blogsmiley!

In English we have been doing persuasive writing about charities and how we should raise money for around the world or just in the UK. Scott thinks around the world charities are amazing (yes amazing) and so does Maisie!

In maths we have been using co-ordinates to find out information and made our own shapes using co-ordinates.

On Tuesday we dug holes and planted trees for the council.

Its Friday so that means… NON UNIFORM/RED NOSE DAY.

Well that’s really all we did gang so see you next week.

Scott and Maisie


Friday 6th March 2015


Hi again smiley. We see it's been nine weeks now since the start of our memory stick. This has been the busiest week you will ever hear of in your life.

On Tuesday afterschool there was an all girls tournament (for football). It was a big surprise when a boy showed up as a goalie for another team. We have not heard if we won or not but fingers crossed.

Another thing that came up in the week was World Book Day. On world book day we dressed up as different characters, or football players, in year 6’s case anyway. Scott came in as Debuchy an Arsenal player and Maisie came in as herself. We had a competition for the best dressed up.

Today in assembly Mr Leonard (our teacher) got the teacher of the month award for March and six girls (Maisie, Aaliyah, Jarvitha, Evie, Sasha and Preet) gave him a present (a pen that smelled of coffee) in assembly.

In English we have been writing letters of complaint again but to make them better. But now that we have finished them, we are writing a letter to a boy who we have donated money to for Comic Relief.

In science we drew a circuit with the correct symbols and then we made the circuit we drew. It had to contain a switch though which made it a lot harder. We thought it was exciting.

That’s all. Thanks for reading what we have done in our busy week.

From Scott and Maisie

Headboy Headgirl

Friday 27th February 2015


Hi again! Welcome to our blog again. Lol only joking around! Yes the modern children still say lol smiley.

Well let’s start the blog then! This is our first week back and we have been doing a lot of lessons. We had a maths day on Wednesday and did everything about maths. Even in our French lesson we did maths!

In English we wrote a letter to the council members about them building a theme park in our town and we wrote a newspaper article about lots of rain affecting people’s everyday lives. In science we found out our new topic: circuits. Then we had to connect some wires to some cells (batteries) and make a light turn on. After that we tried to make a light turn on with a switch. Today (Friday) years 3 and 4 went to Stockwood Park to see Anglo Saxon remains and learn more about life during this time.

We hope you enjoyed your week of school and the blog. Ok, see you next week.

Scott and Maisie.

Headboy and Headgirl.

Fantastic Saxon helmets

Friday 13th February 2015


Welcome backsmiley.  We hope you have had an amazing week because we have. This week in English we learnt about mystery stories we had a lot of fun. But for English the next day… we had a party, we watched Jonny English so the girls played on their kindles and IPads. It was fun. We had an athletics competition some of the people went to the Houghton Regis leisure centre to do lots of sports. Our team went up against 4 other schools. We do not know what place we came but the team have great feelings about the places we think we came! They had to do sports like: speed bounce, an obstacle race, vertical jump and lots more fun things!!! smiley


Thanks for reading hope you have a great holiday. 

Maisie, Sasha and Evie (Scott was engrossed in his PE day and couldn't be torn away!)smiley

HELLO FELLOWS!! Like our rhyme thing J? Of course you did! Only joking J!

This week in maths we have been... Hold on, we haven’t had maths or any lessons for that matter. We’ve had mock sats! In science… Hold on, we haven’t done that either??? Not even sats on science! We have never got anything better in all of our mock sats, we had an option of cereals, toast and fruit. No not that! Our levels we got J! We would like to thank these teachers for helping us this week, Miss Ferdinand, Mrs Hundel, Mrs Karawadra, Mrs Makenji, Mrs Paul, Mr Hodges, Mr Leonard. In maths (after the sats) we have been talking about fractions and what they would be if we timesd them by a number, and about whole numbers in a fraction.

Thanks for reading our blog, see you next week! Bye!

Maisie and Scott

 Friday 30th January


Hello againsmiley. Hope you had an excellent week, we did.

This week we have been practicing in maths for our mock sat test and doing some adding sums, taking away and multiplying (X). In assembly we had the teacher of the month award some entries were amazing and we would like to share them with you…….

Savannah form 1L nominated Miss Linney because she loves being in her class.

Jessica from 4L nominated Matt because he is cool and well he is just cool.

Mr Lewis (not really Mr Lewis) nominated Mr Lewis because he has round glasses.laugh

In English we have been creating a speech to persuade people to donate money for a charity of our choice. We are both in Miss Ferdinand’s English class and we really enjoy itsmiley. Even though we do get extra homework, but we don’t really mind, it doesn’t take too longsmiley. In P.E. (Scott was not in) we played badminton which is our P.E. topic, and learnt new skills.

For topic we have been making our fun fair rides that we designed for homework. We brought in materials that we could use to create our rides. Scott made a ‘spinny’ thing with Matthew and Maisie made a pirate ship ride and a tea cup ride with Jarvitha.

We really enjoyed the last week and hope you did too. Can’t wait for next week.

Goodbye for now, from Maisie and Scott.

Friday 23rd January 2015

Welcome back to our blog!! In class we have been learning about divisibility and numbers, for example: 7864 is divisible by 2 and 4. In English we have been writing letters. The letters we wrote link to the book we have been reading (Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo) We had to pretend we was Will’s mum and reserve a room in a hotel in Indonesia. The other was to complain about what was wrong with the hotel. In science we have been ‘recapping’ on systems of the body, the systems are respiratory, digestive, skeletal, muscular, excretory, cardiovascular and nervous. The blood circulates in a figure of eight. We recreated the digestive system to see how it works. We thought it looked horrible but it was very fun. In topic, thrills and spills, we researched roller coasters to make next week.

Thanks for reading our blog come back next weeksmiley

Friday 16th January 2015


HI!!!!! Welcome back to the blog. It’s been a rather busy week, for us anyway.

This week we have had a trillion things to do! We have had so much to do in English, we’ve had to do homework, reading, big writing and descriptive writing. A lot of work huh? Oh well we can do it easilysmileyIn maths we have recapped the grid method and learnt a new way of multiplying. It’s harder… In our opinion anyway. In topic we have been learning about fun fairs and how they have changed over time. We drew a time line from the 1st century to the 21st century about how fairs have changed, we love our new topicsmiley

Well, that’s what we have been doing, see you next week.


Maisie and Scott

Happy New Year!!!! 


We hope you've all had a very Merry Christmas. 


Since we all came back on Tuesday we have been very busy! On the first day back we had our first 2015 assembly about our new value which is Responsibility. Also, the school found our their new and exciting topics: KS1's topic is Once upon a fairy tale. LKS2's topic is Anglo Saxons and UKS2's is Thrills and Spills (all about interesting and famous funfairs and theme parks). 


On Thursday KS1 created characters for their fairy tales and today they worked on laptops to design the front cover of a fairy tale. We thought that was an excellent idea. They also wrote about what they would steal from the giant if they could climb the beanstalk. 


We look forward to finding out what they will all do next week. 


Scott and Maisiesmiley

Wow! What a busy few weeks we’ve had at St Christopher’s…


Last Friday the year 5 cross country team represented the school at the cross country county event at Houghton Regis Academy. The boys did brilliantly and Jago came 5th in their race, the girls had a fantastic time too with Leah J coming 1st and Charlotte taking 6th place out of 100 runners! They tried their hardest and we congratulate everyone for entering. Well done.


The year 5 cross country team


On the same day our KS2 choir attended a singing workshop at the Grove theatre. During this time they laid the track for the song they co-wrote with other schools in the area. It all sounds very professional.

This week has also been extremely busy as the school prepares for Christmas. KS1 have started rehearsing for the Christmas play, (they have told us that aliens are coming for Christmas) we think it’s going to be an outstanding performance. The best one yet!


On Thursday, everyone came to school wearing their Christmas jumpers. The school looked very bright and Christmassy. The Bazaar was also on this day and many people came to browse the stalls and some to help with running them. We thank you for your help and we hope to see most of you next year. You will have to send us an invite because we will be in year 7.

Tonight the KS2 choir will be celebrating the turning on of the Christmas lights in Dunstable. They’re all looking forward to it. If you are not busy tonight, you could attend and show your support.


Tomorrow the choir will be performing again, this time at the Sparkle event at the Grove Garden’s in Dunstable. Also, the CD’s will be available to buy. We think the song is fantastic, hopefully everyone else will enjoy it as much as we do.  


Hope you’ve had a good week in school, have an excellent weekend and we will be catching up with you next Friday.  Maisie and Scott,

head girl and head boy.smiley