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Friday 24th June 2016



Head Boy and Head Girl Blog

Hello. Replacing the head girl this week is Joseph; willingly standing in. This week, Year 6 ran in contribution to the “Run to Rio” challenge. In this activity the whole school has to run 5,775 miles in total (which is the same distance to Rio.) Not only this, but Sports Day is coming up: there are team games, which the whole school will compete in and Years 1- 6 will also compete in competitive/individual races. As well as this the End of Year 6 Performance in coming soon. We hope you have all had a good week.

Head Boy and Joseph

Friday 10th June 2016


Hello, today instead of head boy and head girl we have Joseph taking the place of our Head girl. Yesterday we had a party for the mighty Queens birthday, she turned 90 this year.  We celebrated her party in style… We had an amazing tea party after lunch and we had to wear red, white and blue clothes. The party took place in the afternoon on the playground and the whole school was there, even the nursery children! We did a count and we managed to count 274 people outside.


After the party it was a bit too hot to stay outside so most of the school came in to cool down. As prefects we stayed out and helped to tidy the mess left behind.


On Monday some of year 5 and 6 are going to Kingswood Wales and we will be doing lots of fun activities. We hope that they all have a great time! Those of us not going will have lots of fun too.


We hope you had a good week too, Ethan and Joseph


Thursday 19th May 2016


Hello bloggers, sorry we haven’t posted for a while but we have been very busy doing our SATS. Recently, we watched 4/3M’s class assembly and it was incredible.


Our SATS were very stressful but we and the year sixes got through it! The SATS were spread out over a week. The variety of tests were quite a bit: reading comprehension; Spelling; punctuation and grammar; arithmetic; reasoning 1 and reasoning 2. The year sixes get their results in July. We are very happy because we have found out what secondary school we are going to, which is very exciting. 


At the moment year 3 and year 4 are at Burwell, for their residential trip. Burwell is a fun place, where you can take part in various activities. An amazing game to play is Burwell Fox, in this game you have to hide from the teachers and they have to find you!


Thank you for reading our blog and I hope you have enjoyed your week.

Leah (deputy head girl) and Ethan (head boy). 

Head Boy and Girl Blog!


Thursday 14th April 2016


Hello, (it’s me/us…) sorry for our music joke, we couldn’t help ourselves. We know it’s been a while since we last blogged and we want to make up for it. First of all, the Year Six’s have completed their Mock SATS and will be doing the real ones this term.  The new topics are:


  • Year 5&6- Ancient Greeks
  • Year 3&4- Italy
  • Year1&2- Transport


We also have a special announcement to make:  We have our first Millionaire Reader! A Millionaire Reader is someone who has read over 1 MILLION words on Accelerated Reader! Our Millionaire reader is St Christophers’ first. This Millionaire Reader is me, Georgina.


We hope you had a great Easter and a nice break.


Ethan and GeorginaJ

Friday 12th February 2016


Hello! Yesterday, year 3&4 went off on a trip to Cadburys World in Birmingham. We will not fill you in on the details because it may start to make you extremely hungry! All that we can say is they had a fantastic time. They didn’t meet Willy Wonka but they really enjoyed themselves. If you look for the link on the homepage you will find some photographs of their trip.


So, this week year 5&6 finished their digital music lessons; completing a composition in the process. We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Miss Payne, who put up with us for 5 weeks.


We would like to send our best wishes to Mrs Harris and Mr Kennedy, who are leaving us this half term. They have brought so much to this school and dedicated so many fun-filled years to us and we will really miss them both.


Today is a non-uniform day so don’t forget to bring in a pound and dress as your favourite sports personality!


Have a safe and happy Half-Term!


Head Boy and GirlJ   

Friday 5th February 2016


Head Boy and Head Girl Blog


Hello. So this week year 6 have had their MOCK SATS! This consists of: Reading Comprehension; Spelling and grammar, Maths-2 Reasoning and 1 Arithmetic paper.


As a result of Leah winning at the cross country event 2 weeks ago, she will be taken through to the county rounds in Ampthill!


The Sign2Sing event took place on Wednesday (3-2-2016) and it was a great success. We learnt the new song for this year as well as singing the songs from previous years. The 2 people who stood out during this event were Jago and Alfie .


3A’s had their class assembly on Thursday and it was fantastic, they learnt all their lines and said them with lots of expression. It was nice to see all of the parents and families too.


Hope you have all had a great week and you have a great weekend too.


Head Boy and GirlJ

Friday 22nd January 2016


Hello! We just wanted to do a small update. Minecraft week was a success for Year 3 & 4! Also, the Prefect assembly has been postponed by 1 week. The cross country was also a success with a 1st place winner Leah. Well done to all the children that took part, you represented St Christophers and we are proud of you!

Head Boy and Girl 

Wednesday 20th January 2016


Hello! So our new value is Honesty as explained before. So far we have come up with a new whole school target- ‘To Accept others for who they are’- the prefects will be doing an assembly for you about that so keep your eyes peeled! The school target has really helped unite us as a school and so far nothing bad has seemed to crop up.

Events For the Future

  • Year 6 Cross Country Competition- 21st January
  • Year 6 Cutty Sark trip – 17th March (St Patricks Day)
  • Prefect Assembly- 25th January
  • KS2 Choir O2 Arena concert -29th January 
  • Year 3 and 4 Cadbury World trip – 11th February

So thanks for reading! Speak to you next week!


Head Boy and GirlJ



This week we have a new school target! This target goes solely against discrimination and helps unite us as a whole school! The simple but important target is to accept each other for who we are- individually and as a whole school! The prefect team are even going to do a play on it. We will be explaining why you shouldn’t dislike someone; even if they are different to you in a lot of ways.

Additionally, there will be a cross country competition that some year 6’s will be entering. The team concludes of: Ethan, (head boy that is me) Leah, Viren, Dylan, Jago, Eloise, Kayleigh, Harsh, Owen, Lea, Charlotte and Eryn! The year 5’s have also started samba drumming, with the beloved teacher Mr Napp.  It was great to see the FS2 are now starting to come to the Star Of The Week assembly. 

Have a great weekend everyone

Head Boy

First blog of 2016!

Hello, we hope you all had a great Christmas Holidays and got all the presents you wanted and spent some quality time with your family. This week has been a mixture of getting up early, organising uniform and lots of learning about our new topics. These are all of our topics.


  • Year 1 and 2- Dinosaurs

  • Year 3 and 4- Chocolate

  • Year 5 and 6- Sailors and Shipwrecks


    In year 6 our new music lesson is digital music. It is made on IPads with an app called ‘Garage Band’. It is the best music topic we have done so far. I will be quite upset when all our sessions are over and after 1 lesson I can truly say we all really enjoyed it. So enough on that topic.  I really hope you had a great Christmas and are ready for loads of learning this term!


    Head Girl J

Monday 14th December 2015


Hello St. Christophers! This week in school, there is a very big atmosphere of excitement for Christmas. Last week there were nativities from KS1- well done guys J- the featuring song was ‘born in a barn’. Our school also went to a tag rugby competition at All Saints and won! They are through to the county competition finals.


Some Year 6 children went to a maths competition at Cambridge University and came 3rd! So we are very proud of them. Currently in our class, we have been learning about Brazil. It is a very enjoyable subject and we have learnt very much. As we have doing some arts and crafts this term, we made a Brazilian carnival mask. They turned out fabulously! We also have been building up to the conclusion of our class reading book ‘WONDER’. The main character ‘August’ is a nice 10 year old and really has grown throughout the book. As for our music, we have been learning samba! The instruments we have been playing are:

  • Agogo bells

  • Ganzas

  • Surdos

  • < >We had our last lesson last Thursday and we all really enjoyed it. Thanks Todd for teaching us and putting up with us for 6 weeks. Also, in French we have been preparing our pantomime plays and it’s been really fun.



    A couple of weeks ago we were able to watch the final table tennis competition between Matt and Mrs Kennedy. There was a rematch of the final game as year 6 did not get to see it. Overall we had two winners of the competition being, Mrs Kennedy and Matt. We’re really proud with them and it was a lot of fun to watch!


    This week we are looking forward to our Christmas parties on Tuesday and our Christmas Carol Concert on Thursday. We hope that these will be a success and lots of our parents, friends and family are able to come and join us for this wonderful time.


    As the head pupils, we are really proud of all the children this term and their contributions to the school. We are so excited for next year and what it may bring.


    We hope you stay safe this Christmas and have a great holiday.


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


    Georgina and Ethan- Head Boy & Girl

Friday 13th November


This week we have had a lot of fun. 4 children in year 6 went to the Young Mathematicians Competition at Explore learning and we completed some maths challenges against other schools. We will find out this week we made it through to round 2 but even if we didn't we're really proud of Viren, Leah, Kayleigh and Viren. 


Children in Need is today and we got to dress up yesterday as film and book characters. There were some really great costumes, a few characters from the Hunger Games in year 6 and lots of Elsa's in key stage 1. After dressing up yesterday we had the chance to buy some cakes from the Children in Need bake sale and raise money for a really good cause. 


Have a great weekend all


Ethan and Georgina 

Friday 23rd October 2015


Hello. How are you? I’m writing the blog without Ethan today as he’s doing door duty. Today’s the last day of our half term. It’s been a memorable one as we have been having a great time expressing ourselves in school. We have been: blogging (DUH!), Algebra-which is amazing!! Reading and much much more. At the moment I am currently reading ‘THE HUNGER GAMES’ which is an amazing book, part of a trilogy by an excellent author (Suzanne Collins). Katniss and Peeta get selected to become tributes in a fight to the death called the HUNGER GAMES. It is supposed to make the residents of all the districts remember the war that the country had. Their country was called America but it got changed to Panem.


Peace out!

Georgina J

Heyyyy fellow bloggers! Today we have another episode of blogging with Georgina and Leah! #blogwithus (our first episode)

If you’re wondering what is going on, Ethan is too busy playing football on the Astroturf, so we replaced him. Talking about the Astroturf, everyone loves playing on it, the boys play football and the girls roll down the hill J sometimes us girls roll into the middle of the football pitch just to annoy the boys LOL! We have been trying to save up for a table tennis table; therefore we are having a non-uniform day to raise money for it!  We had a successful Macmillan Coffee Morning and we sold loads of cakes after school too.  I, Georgina and Charlotte got tons of cakes (Miss Ferdinand’s fault!) We have also been busy preparing for our harvest festival. We have been singing a load of different songs getting ready for it. We also had a successful Meet and Greet J

So we decided that Georgina needs to use space bars and needs spelling lessons! The jobs for prefects are very fun! We do…  admin work , door duty, assembly setting up and sitting at the side, music and we set a good example (hopefully!) If you ever want any help or advice you can always come to us, because we like to just sit in the library and chill.

Peace out!

Georgina and Leah J


Head Pupil Blog #1 (Ethan and Georgina)

Our first week in year 6 has been anything but smooth!  The Reptile Roadshow visited us on Thursday and there were snakes for goodness snake! Apologies for our really bad jokesJ. We hope you like this blog because we have given up our playtime for you, for you, for you! Today we have to write a recount about that reptile visit. NOT TO MENTION MASSIVE SNAKES, LIZARDS AND A CHINCHILA ON ETHANS (HEAD BOY) AFRO! #MILLIPEADSANDSCORPIANSWITHFLESHEATINGCOACROAHS. Me (Ethan) and my mate Jacob had to look after what looked like a two headed lizard but its tail held its water just like a camel.  And it helped outsmart its predator by giving it a nasty bite! LOL to the predator. 


So we forgot to do something and that was introduce ourselves so I (Georgina) will go first then Ethan will. I am Responsible and a good role model and Ethan has a massive afro! #true fact and if you need me just come and see me I am always on the Astroturf or the trim trail and the lunch hall and the library and Class 6L. What she said. LOL


Peace out!

Ethan and Georgina