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Head Pupils 2016-2017


Friday 25th November 2016


Hi and welcome to our blog. This week lots of exciting things took place including our termly awards assembly.

For those of you who are wondering about the new things introduced last week we are still figuring things out and are putting things in action.

Our topic in Science in Year 6 is light and we have been given homework to create a shadow puppet. For those of you looking for inspiration a good idea would be to create one with moving parts or one that has translucent bits e.g: foil, sweet wrappers etc.

Finally, our prize giving assembly today was amazing!

Thank you for reading our blog.


Lana-Head Girl



Hi and welcome to another blog! Do you like the font on this blog? Miss Ferdinand would like me (head girl) and Jiya (deputy head girl) to talk about some new things we will be introducing next week:

  • A post box - for all of you to put feedback for us in 9 for any questions such as the one at the start of this blog)
  • A fortnightly competition for years 3 and 4 this is to give you all something to be proud of!
  • A weekly speech – to inform younger years about our blog and all the exciting things!

That’s all for this week thank you for reading our blog


Lana and Ashley

Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy


Friday 4th November 2016


Hi and welcome to yet another great BLOG!


This week we have done some exciting things. To start with we were introduced to our new value-Peace. On Thursday class 6DL invented a new game called Human Jacks. This is a modern version of the Victorian Jacks.

That’s all for this week!

Jiya and Lana

Friday 21st October


Hi,  today will inform you about all the exciting things that have occurred this week!

On Monday, you may have noticed a board between 4KB and 3HS. It shows the “Artist of the Term”. For KS1 it is Rosie Davies, for lower KS2 it is Neriah Ridley and for upper Ks2 it was Lana Gohil , otherwise known as Head Girl ! :D.

On Wednesday year 4 went to a Mandir, a Hindu temple .

They really enjoyed learning all about Hindus!

On Thursday, Miss Ferdinand organised a special treat for everyone in Years 4 to Year 6 to enjoy an African mask painting and dance session.

By what we saw everyone enjoyed themselves!

On Friday we had a spectacular Harvest assembly. Well done to all of the readers, you all did well! The visitor came from the Dunstable food bank to talk to us about harvest. Everyone found it very interesting! :P.

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope you have a wonderful and fun half term!

By Lana and Jiya

Head Girl and Deputy Head girl





Monday 10th October 2016


Hi, in this blog we will mention what has been going on in the past week.

On Wednesday we had an Alice in wonderland MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY, some people even dressed up! That morning we also had the privilege to be able to learn African drumming. This lasted for 2 days.

That’s the latest!


We hope you had a lovely weekend!








Friday 30th September 2016



 Hi everyone, this is our third blog. We are very excited today as we have received our prefect  /head pupils badges.

We also wrote a letter to the children of India  telling them things about our school. It was very interesting!  We were told that the country there is very poor and different from our country.

Nanny Wendy, our school gardener picked some delectable raspberries from our school garden and gave them to us as a treat. They were yum!


Have a lovely weekend.

By Jason and Lana smiley


Thursday 22nd September


Hi this is our second blog as head pupils. Last week we did the meet and greet and helped the other parents and showed them where to go.

Recently, house captains were chosen they are : Kyle , Ieuan , Karmun and Kieran. They will organise house meetings, house competitions and will represent each house.

This half term our value is happiness. Remember to be happy and smile! smiley  

As a wise person once said a smile smiley is happiness you can find right under your nose! :-D


Jason and Lana

Head Boy and Head Girl



September 2016


Hi, this is Jason and Lana we are the new Head Boy and Head Girl .We have been here for 8 years and have enjoyed every moment of St Christophers. When we found out that we were head pupils we were very excited. Jason likes sport and Lana enjoys reading.


Thank you for reading our blog.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.