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Investors in Pupils

Calling all Year 5 and 6 Students

Do you have what it takes to be in a team to run your own business and make a profit within the school?

If the answer is yes then read on...


Vacancies open for a Healthy Tuck Shop Team:


Business Manager – Taking overall charge of the Tuck Shop

Finance Manager – Making sure we make a profit

Sales Assistants x3 – selling items to the children

Marketing Manager – making posters etc to advertise the tuck shop

Administration Assistants x2(Creating documents)


If you would like to apply for any of the above positions, please create a job description for the position you would like to do and hand it in to Mrs Makenji or Mrs Hundel by 19th March 2018.

All successful candidates will haver the opportunity to create a business plan as a team to present to

Mrs Jones.


We are very proud to announce that our Investors in Pupils plaque has arrived.  It is displayed on the front of the school building.

Investors in Pupils Award

Investors in Pupils Award 1
Investors in Pupils Award 2

We have very happy to announce that we have been awarded the Investors in Pupils award!

We have very happy to announce that we have been awarded the Investors in Pupils award! 1

Investors in Pupils Assessment Report

 The Investors in Pupils programme


We are aiming to implement Investors in Pupils across our school and to meet the aims of the programme over a period of approximately 2 years; namely:


  • To provide a whole school framework for participation
  • To empower pupils through involving them in everyday decision making processes
  • To help create a team ethos and strengthen relationships between pupils and between staff and pupils
  • To help improve the confidence and self-esteem of pupils
  • To help raise pupil achievement and motivation to learn
  • To help raise pupil attendance and improve punctuality
  • To help promote positive behaviour and a greater awareness of social responsibility


In achieving the aims of the programme, school life will have a holistic impact on children’s well-being and the progress they make now and in the future.



The Investors in Pupils programme is now fully embedded within school life. Here are some of the children's views on pupil voice within the school.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Class Induction Booklets

Class Induction Booklets 1
Each class has made a Class Induction booklet to help new children and new staff settle into their new environment.  

Personal Targets

Each class has a personal target display board.  The children come up with a new personal target every term and work towards achieving it and receive a reward when they have done so.

Class Targets

Each class has a Class Target display.  The children in the class come up with a class target based on learning, behaviour or classroom management; the target is also linked to the value that the school is working on at the time.  Class targets are changed every half term and when they are achieved, the group receives a collective reward.



Pupil Voice - Suggestion Box

Lots of pupils have been posting their suggestions in our suggestion box.  Keep your suggestions coming as we do look at every single one of them.  Although lots of the suggestions have been implemented in school, it is not possible to implement all of them, Mrs Jones provides feedback as to why they can't be put into place in assemblies.






Worry Box


As part of our pupil voice programme, children can also voice any worries or concerns that they may have, this box is regularly checked and reviewed by Mrs Lay, our School Family worker.







Picture 1

Some of your suggestions that we have implemented

Some of your suggestions that we have implemented 1

Year 6 Pupils take over a lesson in FS2 and Year 1


 Year 6 children worked in pairs to take over  lessons. Each pupil took on a role of either a teacher or a learning support assistant. They planned and arranged the resources they needed for the lesson. Subjects such as Literacy and Art were taught. It was a successful activity giving year 6 pupils an insight into teaching. The class teachers provided excellent feedback on the lessons and the younger children thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and have been asking if the older children can come and teach them again. 



Year 6 taking over lessons

Display about the cost of resources used in school

Display about the cost of resources used in school  1

Some more of the children's suggestions that have been implemented in school

Some more of the children's suggestions that have been implemented in school 1

School Budget Assembly Photos

School Governors Assembly - The role of the governing body

House Challenges


Well done to everyone who took part in our exciting Inter House Spelling Bee Competition! (Autumn Term 2nd half)


Each participant received 2 house points for taking part.


The winners are:


!st place Whipsnade - Bright from Year 1 who received 100 house points


2nd place Priory - Keeley from Year 5 who received 75 house points


3rd place Ashridge - Esther from Year 5 who received 50 house points


4th place Chiltern - Liam from Year 5 who received 25 house points

Autumn Term 2 Spelling Bee Winners

Autumn Term 2 Spelling Bee Winners 1

Easter House Challenge


We had some fantastic entries for our Easter House Challenge.  Mrs Dunham and the House Captains were very impressed by all of the entries and by the amount of effort that was put in by all of the children who entered.


Every entrant received 2 house points just for taking part and the winners from each key stage received 10 house points each plus some yummy Easter chocolate treats.


The winners from each key stage were:


FS2 - Alexie


Key Stage 1 - Theo


Lower Key Stage 2 - Savannah


Upper Key Stage 2 - Corey


The winners from the effort category were Hector, Navishan, Evie, Zoe and Akshaya.


Well Done everyone!







The roles of support staff in school 


In April, Mrs Paul did an assembly to the children to talk about her role as Senior Learning Support Assistant in school.  She explained to the children that she is a qualified dancer and she has used this knowledge to choreograph dances for many children for school performances.  Mrs Paul explained that she was a Dental Nurse in a previous job and she has used this knowledge to talk about teeth to groups of children in school.  She also told the children that she has been on many training courses in order to help children in school with their learning.

Assembly by Mrs Paul


School Council meeting with Mrs Jones, Principal


In April, the school council met with Mrs Jones to review the school's behaviour policy.  The pupils looked at the current policy and gave Mrs Jones their views on behaviour in school and discussed ideas for sanctions and rewards.  In summary, the pupils felt that behaviour in school is good and Mrs Jones agreed with them.



School Council meeting with

Mrs Young Kitchen Manager


The School Council met with Mrs Young the Kitchen Manager.  They gave her feedback about school dinners from all of the classes.  Mrs Young listened to the pupils and answered their questions and explained the importance of a balanced healthy meal.