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Our New Value

This half term our new value is Patience.


What is patience?


  • Patience is being able to wait until it's time
  • Patience is staying calm and not becoming annoyed
  • Patience is waiting without complaining

What does patience look like?

  • What does patience look like?
  • People who show patience: 
  • Wait until it’s time.
  • Stay calm and don’t become annoyed.
  • Wait without complaining.

People who show patience realise:

  • That staying relaxed and calm makes you feel better on the inside.
  • Staying happy and optimistic increases your self-control.
  • Meditating can help control your emotion


People show patience by:

  • Waiting without complaining.
  • Maintaining eye contact and nodding to show interest.
  • Staying relaxed, calm, happy and optimistic.