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 Hello my name is Kieran I would like to introduce myself as the new school blogger. I will be writing a weekly blog to keep you all informed. This week the school has had a visit from the local Explore Learning Centre and pupils all over Luton and Dunstable from the age of 5 to 14 have had a chance to write a “Mash up story” which consists of two genres of story to create one short story. One winner from Luton and Dunstable will be chosen to win a 4 day break to Disney land Paris and £500 worth of books for the school, what a lot of books!;-) As this is the first blog I have written I am practising and will improve over time! Watch this space!!!


Kieran Davies, a pupil at St Christopher’s Academy.  





Mr Leonard’s Class (6L) Won the termly Attendance Award. The Termly Attendance Award is where we get to have a FREE voucher for Go Bowling in Dunstable.

In Year 5 We now have a new music teacher called Mark. He teaches us Junk Percussion. So we had loads of metal Pots/Pans and wooden sticks to hit the instruments! J

Watch This Space!!!

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Thanks For Reading This Follow Up Blog!

By: Kieran Davies & Ben Graham<New Helper>




This week year 4 & year5 will be doing a bike proficiency course a.k.a. Bikeability. Year 5 will be trained on the playground for our first session and on our second session we will be tested on the road and then be given a ‘bikeability level’ if you have been given a level of 2.15 or higher you will be eligible to ride to school if your parents have agreed and the office have been informed.


We apologise that we have not been able to post as frequently as normal because year 5 classes have just finished test week. Once again we apologise. Don’t forget to check out our twitter page by clicking HERE or if the link does not work please go to http://twitter.com/stchristacademy. This blog was written by Kieran Davies & Ashley Lyons, pupils at St. Christopher’s Academy.