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St Christophers Academy


Wiggle Warm Up

Stand up tall.

Start a wiggle in your toes, really concentrate on that wiggle.

Now move the wiggle to your knees, then legs, bottom, tummy, shoulders, arms and lastly fingers until your whole body is wiggling.

Keep the whole body wiggle going

Rest for 5 seconds.

Now reverse the wiggle

This time start the wiggle in your fingers, then arms, shoulders, tummy, bottom, legs, knees and lastly toes.

Enjoy the energy wiggling throughout your whole body.

Slow the wiggle down until you are still.

                       Take 4 deep belly breaths

Cloud Gazing

Have you ever noticed the clouds in the sky moving?

Go to a window or to some outside space and look up. Lie on some grass and gaze up if you can.

What are the clouds doing today? Is it sunny? Are there lots of clouds or just a few?

Can you use your imagination whilst you watch them, what shapes can you see, any animals, characters, magical creatures or things from nature?

Shout them out as you see them and then watch as they melt away and change into a new shape.

How does it make you feel to watch the clouds?