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St Christophers Academy

Your Learning Tasks for w/c Monday 20th April

Hello Year 1! We hope you all had a restful and relaxing Easter break. Our new home learning packs have now been completed and are ready for collection from the school office on Monday 20th April. These include a variety of different tasks and should last you a good few weeks, alongside the tasks being set online too. Please work through these packs at your own pace, appropriate for that of your child and current situation, as we understand that lots of you will have your own work commitments right now as well. We have put together a list of suggested learning tasks and activities which you could complete this week. This can be found below for those that would find it useful. Of course, if you would like to complete additional tasks from the pack or online - feel free to do so. Likewise, if you cannot complete all of the tasks set below for this week - please don't panic or put pressure on yourself! Please just complete as many of the tasks listed below as you can and enjoy your learning together :)


English Workbook - Please complete pages 8 and 9 from your purple workbook (the 'oa' and 'or' sounds and the 'oo' sound). 

Learning Pack Tasks - From your new learning pack, we suggest the following activities could be completed this week: 

  • 1 superhero creative writing activity
  • SPAG activity mat 1
  • Fix the sentence activity mat 1
  • Common exception words spelling practise (the, a, do, to, today)
  • 1 phonics mosaic (colour real and nonsense words)
  • 2 pages of simple sentence scramble

Please remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces whenever you are writing a sentence. Remember to use your phonics to help you sound out tricky words and use your best handwriting too! Reading regularly is also very important so try to fit this in whenever you can - even if for just 5 minutes each day!


MyMaths - The task set this week is focused on comparing mass. Feel free to do the online lesson first to revise this if you would like. You can have multiple attempts on a MyMaths task so if you struggle at first, have another go! Practise makes perfect :)

White Rose - The new White Rose resources for the week ahead are available and can be found here (Summer term week 1). The main focuses this week are doubling, making equal groups and finding a half. Watch the videos and see if you can complete the activities afterwards!

Learning Pack Tasks - We suggest that two of the 'Going Bananas' worksheets could be completed this week (addition and subtraction). The children may need to use a number line or concrete resources to help them with adding and subtracting. This could be anything  - lego bricks, counters, scraps of paper, pencils, etc. Anything that they can add more to and take away from would be suitable to assist with their counting. 

Alongside this, please feel free to complete some of the classroom secrets questions as a Maths challenge. These can also be found in your home learning packs. 

Purple Mash

This week you have been set two tasks to complete on Purple Mash. The first is to retell one of our class texts from school using pictures and sentences. You can pick from Bog Baby, Lost and Found, Dogger and Beegu. Add as many pages as you need to create your storybook. You can also add sounds and animations if you wish. We look forward to viewing them all!

The second task is to use your previous research in to the signs of Spring to create a Spring picture. Be creative! We can't wait to see your lovely artwork. 


Learning Pack Task - Last term, we were learning all about Neil Armstrong. He was the first man on the moon. Can you complete the sentences about the moon landing? Don't forget to end each sentence with a full stop.

Our new History learning will be focused around the Great Fire of London. Before we learn about this, we want to know more about what life was like in London then, compared to life in London now. Can you research what life was like in London in 1666? In particular, try to focus on what their houses were like and the fire service. Can you compare it to the houses and fire services that we have today? Do you notice any similarities or differences? You can record your research in any way, e.g. make notes, discuss, draw pictures and label, write sentences, create a mind map, etc. This link was kindly sent in by Riley and his family who found it very useful for their research. It has lots of information about the houses in 1666 as well as the fire service and equipment which they used back then to put fires out. You may want to use it to help you with your research too :) 


Can you create a map of your local area? This may be the area around your house or the area around our school. You can draw pictures and add labels to your map. You may even want to draw a route on to your map e.g. showing how you get from your house to school or to your friend's house or to the park or a shop. It would be useful if your map had a title and a key to show what the map is for and what the symbols/pictures on your map represent. 


As always, if you have any questions about the learning tasks for this week, please email your class teacher and we will be happy to help. We can't wait to see all of the lovely work that you have been doing at home. 

Miss Ballinger and Mrs McCloskey