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St Christophers Academy

Values & Ethos

Our Vision is a statement of intent which encompasses the core purpose, ethos and culture of St Christophers Academy.

We aspire to be a school...

  • Where our children are keen to come and have an eagerness to learn.
  • Where children can develop their friendships and learn the social skills and independence that will support them as they learn and grow,
  • Which provides a nurturing and safe environment and where we understand that the emotional and physical wellbeing of our children is paramount if they are to learn effectively.
  • Where we are good at identifying aptitudes and abilities in our children and do our best to develop them
  • Where we put an emphasis on creativity, fun and enjoyment to inspire and motivate our children to learn.
  • Where we challenge and extend our children's thinking and have the very highest expectations of what they can achieve.
  • Where we enable children to develop their thinking skills so they may use them in new learning situations.
  • Where we plan and deliver a curriculum that teachers children how to learn not just what to learn.
  • Where we prepare children well for the next steps in their education.
  • Where we support each other to carry out our roles as effectively as possible.
  • Where we have a culture of learning and everyone is keen to develop themselves and develop positive attitudes to learning.
  • Which is forward thinking, innovative and open to new ideas.
  • Which is well thought of and plays an active part in the local and wider community.

Created by all stakeholders (April 2013 - and revisited each year)