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St Christophers Academy

Year 3

Miss Marshall

Welcome to Year 3!

Key Information


P.E. - Year 3 P.E. days will be Tuesdays and Fridays. Children will need to bring in a P.E. kit at the start of the term which will stay in school ready for each lesson.

Homework - Homework will be set every Friday and will be due in the following Wednesday. A weekly list of spelling words be given out on Monday for the children to learn ready for a spelling test on Friday. Please ensure your child has their spelling book with them every Monday.  If there are any difficulties children should speak to their teachers as soon as possible. If any website homework cannot be completed at home, there are school laptops available for use during break and lunch times.   

Reading Books - Reading books and records should be brought to school daily. We encourage children to read every night to support their comprehension skills.  Parents can help encourage their child’s reading by listening to them read, asking questions and showing an interest in the books.


Autumn Term: What will we be learning?

English – During the Autumn term, our Key texts will include Orion and the Dark, The Sound Collector poem and The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. Using these books as our focus, we will explore a variety of writing genres including diaries, poetry and reports.


Maths – Maths lessons will begin with Place Value which includes a revision of hundreds, numbers up to 1,000, comparing and ordering, multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100 and problem solving. Following this, we will move on to mental and written methods of addition and subtraction.


Science – In the first half term, the children will explore the question ‘What is Darkness?’ as part of the Light: Reflections and Shadows unit of work. In the second half term, the question will be ‘What is rock made from?’ as part of the Rock Types, Fossils and Soils unit of work.


Geography – We begin our Geography learning with an exciting unit of work in which we will investigate the following question: What makes the Earth angry? We will be using our map skills to locate places and key physical features such as volcanoes. We will investigate why earthquakes happen and the effect these have on the environment and people who experience them. In addition to this, we will investigate extreme weather across the world and in the UK.


Music – Every Wednesday afternoon, Year 3 will take part in Sing out Play out music lessons taught by Mrs Monteath from Inspiring Music.  During these lessons, the children will learn a wide variety of songs and their backgrounds, in preparation for the end of school year concert that is held at The Grove Theatre.


History – The history unit of work will investigate the question How do we know that Britain changed (and stayed the same) from the Stone Age to Iron Age? This includes the children taking on the role of an archaeologist and carrying out their typical work to piece together clues about the past. We will relate this topic to Dunstable and discover more about early Britons that settled near to our own school.


R.E. – This term, Year 3 will be investigating religious leaders of the Islamic and Christian faiths.


P.E. – During the first half term, Miss Marshall will be teaching orienteering on Tuesdays followed by Health Related Fitness in the second.  Mr Kenneford will teach the children tag rugby on Fridays during the first half term and this will be followed by Uni Hoc in the second half term.


Art – In art, Year 3 will be investigating colour. This includes considering the use of colour to express emotion, tertiary colours and complimentary colours. Alongside this, we will study the use of colour by famous artists such as Pablo Picasso.  


Remember to keep looking out for updates and photos of our learning!