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St Christophers Academy

House Challenges

Our first house challenge for the year has been launched! We are asking the pupils for their ideas regarding the house system. We are aware that it has been around for a while, and we want to reinvigorate and rebrand. So with that in mind, we are asking the children to redesign the houses. We need 4 new names, 4 new logos; and we want to launch a new aspect as well — a motto for each house, to define what makes each house unique and special. Maybe you would like to name the houses after 4 inspiring people, such as famous scientists, artists or sporting heroes, perhaps your favourite authors? (Check out the downloadable sheet, just click the button below.) Leave your suggestions in the suggestion box or hand them to your class teachers, Mrs Hundel or Miss Rowlands. As a bonus, if your design is the winner, we are awarding a massive 50 HOUSE POINTS, and if we use a part of your design, we will give you 20 house points! The sky is the limit, and we will look at every single suggestion, so get creative!