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St Christophers Academy

House points

In St Christophers, we use house points as a reward - and staff give away these points for lots of reasons, such as excellent effort, progress made in class, showing any of our school values, or being a good role model and so on. Then each Friday, we collect the points and add them together, ready for Mrs Jones to announce to us in assembly time on the following Monday.

This page is where you are able to see the scores from each house. We will update it regularly, so we can see the competition heating up! The scores for this week are as follows:

week ending 8th October 2021:

Ashridge: 1461             Chiltern: 1507             Priory: 1566             Whipsnade: 1482


Congratulations Priory, you are winning so far, but remember, we have a long way to go before the end of the school year, so it's really important for everyone to keep trying their best. We cannot wait to see the results next week!