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St Christophers Academy

Investors in Pupils

The Investors in Pupils programme is an established national quality mark to recognise, develop and extend pupil/student voice and participation strategies in schools and educational settings, building young people's life skills, character and resilience.

The programme offers schools a framework for involving pupils in decision-making, and developing responsibility and leadership in relation to their learning, behaviour, attendance, classroom management and induction. It is powerful in developing a positive ethos where pupils learn about how the school is run, and, in turn, understand how they themselves can contribute to the running of the school. Pupils commit to common goals and teamwork – together with each other and with staff.

What does this look like at St Christophers?

Here at St Christophers we have a big focus on pupil voice, the pupils are encouraged to ask questions about the school. As staff, we work hard to ensure that all questions and suggestions are answered comprehensively so that the children know we have listened and considered what they have to say.

  • Our suggestion box is always full of fantastic ideas, we have meetings to discuss these ideas and then feed back to the children in assembly time.
  • Our teachers will share with their classes what training they have done and how this will improve their learning.
  • At the beginning of each school year the classes will set class rules and mission statements that the whole class will agree to follow and work towards enabling the children to regulate their own behaviour.
  • Each class will decide who will be their school council members. These pupils will attend meetings with members of staff to share the ideas and concerns of the class. They are then given time by the class teacher to feed back to their class the decisions made by the council.
  • Our children understand that all the resources within the school have a cost and that choices have to be made when making purchases. They are also careful with the school equipment and look after everything, in order to ensure replacements do not need to be bought costing the school extra money.
  • At the end of year 5, children can apply to be House Captain, Prefects or Head Boy/Girl, when they will be in year 6. These prestigious roles are awarded, based firstly on their application, and then their classmates vote on the shortlist of applicants.   

As a result of these steps, we have a school full of confident pupils who know they are important. Each and every child knows they are listened to and are not afraid to make suggestions. All our pupils know that they are valued equally and no one's voice gets lost in a crowd.