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St Christophers Academy

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team   Contact Details
Mrs P. Jones Principal Designated Safeguarding Lead

01582 500960

Miss A. Ferdinand Vice Principal Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Teaching Staff Class Contact Details
Mrs R. Baldwin EYFS Lead
Mrs S. Miller Nursery Lead Practitioner  Safeguarding Lead
Miss S. James  Preschool Lead Practitioner Specialised SEN Lead
Mrs K. Taylor Nursery Practitioner  
Mrs P. Young Nursery Practitioner  
Mrs F. Tanase Nursery Practitioner  
Miss B. Miller  Nursery Practitioner


Miss M. Farrell Nursery Practitioner  
Mrs K. Valunkonyte YR KV
Mrs H. Lyons YR HL
Miss K. WIlson Y1 KW
Miss K. Ballinger Y1 KB
Mrs  S. McCloskey Y2 SM S.
Mrs K. Kennedy Y2 HK

Miss A. Marshall


Miss A. Shellis


Mrs A. Randall 4AR

Mrs R. Curry


Mrs S. Bhayani 5SB
Mrs A. Blomfield 5AB
Mr D. Leonard 6DL

Mrs H. Strong and

Miss C. Bell (SENCO)


Mrs G. Kiely  Cover Teacher  
Support staff   Contact Details
Business Manager Mrs R. Tootell
School Support Assistant/Admissions Mrs C. Palmer or
Family Liaison and Safeguarding Officer, Safeguarding Named Person Mrs K. Lay
Learning Support Assistants Table Heading
Senior LSA Mrs L. Paul
LSA Miss S. Boundy
LSA Miss L. Rowlands
LSA Mrs A. Oliver
LSA Mrs G. Finch
LSA Miss E. Palmer
1:1 LSA Mrs K. Hundel
1:1 LSA Mrs V. Kirk
1:1 LSA Miss M. Gillard
1:1 LSA

Miss S. James



Kitchen Staff   
Kitchen Manager Mrs N. Gordon
Kitchen Assistant Miss K. Ivory

Midday Supervisors / Bank staff

Miss D. Drew

Miss N. Murphy

Mrs M. Dhanerwal