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St Christophers Academy

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team 
Name Role  Email
Mr. T. Clarke *

Interim Executive Principal

Safeguarding named person
Miss. M. Hayes

Vice Principal / SENCo

Safeguarding named person
Mrs. R Tootell * Business Manager
Mrs. K Lay * Family Liaison Officer and Safeguarding Officer. Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs. S George              Reading Lead 
Mrs. H Strong  Writing Lead
Mrs. R Baldwin *

EYFS Lead 

Safeguarding named person

School Administration Team

Name Role Email 
Mrs. R Tootell * Business Manager
Mrs. C Palmer * School Support Assistant / Admissions

Mrs. M Agiakatsika * School Receptionist

Teaching Staff 

Name Role Email
Mrs. R Baldwin * R teacher / EYFS Lead
Miss. K Valunkonyte R teacher
Mrs. A Worobec R teacher
Miss. K Wilson  Y1KW / MFL Lead
Miss. K Ballinger  Y1KB / RE and Values Lead
Mrs. S McCloskey Y2SM / History Lead
Mrs. F Hart  Y2HK / PE Lead
Mrs. K Kennedy  Y2HK / Geography Lead
Mrs. G Kiely  Y3GK / Science Lead
Miss. T Shannon  Y3TS
Miss. R Curry  Y4RC / Music Lead
Mrs. A Blomfield  Y5AB / Art and DT Lead
Mrs. H Strong  Y6SE / Writing Lead
Mrs. S George  Y6SG / Reading Lead
Mrs. S Evardson Y6SE

Nursery and Pre-School Staff 

Name Role Email 
Mrs. S Miller * Nursery Lead Practitioner
Mrs. J Osmani * Nursery Practitioner   
Miss. N Murphy  Nursery Practitioner   
Mrs. K Taylor * Nursery Practitioner   
Mrs. J Bright * Pre-School Lead Practitioner
Mrs. L Basham * Pre-School Practitioner   
Mr. S Wells *

Pre-School Practitioner 

Before/After School Club Support

Mrs. P Young * Pre-School Practitioner   
Miss. M Farrell *

Pre-School Practitioner 

Before/After School Club Support


Learning Support Assistants / 1:1s 

Name Role 
Mrs. L Paul * HLTA / Senior LSA 
Miss. M Gillard  1:1 LSA 
Miss. K Taylor * 1:1 LSA 
Mrs. A Oliver * LSA
Miss. L Rowlands * LSA
Miss. P Hammond * LSA
Miss. D Drew * LSA
Miss. S Boundy * LSA
Miss. V Kirk *

1:1 LSA

Before/After School Club Support

Miss. S James * 1:1 LSA
Miss. E Palmer * LSA
Miss. S Begum * 1:1 LSA
Mrs. C Weatherley * LSA
Mrs. G Finch *


Before/After School Club Manager

Mrs. V Bailey * LSA
Mrs. L Brennan LSA

Kitchen Staff 

Name  Role
Miss. Kirsty Ivory  Kitchen Manager (Dolce Catering)
Miss. Klaudia Ladanyi  Kitchen Assistant 
Miss. Samantha Kingsley  Kitchen Assistant 

Midday Supervisors 

Name Role
Miss. Miller 

EYFS Midday Supervisor

Before / After School Club Support 

Mrs. A Begum * Midday Supervisor 
Mrs. R Chowdhury * Midday Supervisor 
Mrs. T Habibi * Midday Supervisor 

*Identifies trained first-aider