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St Christophers Academy


Mrs Horne and  Mrs Lyons Key information

Welcome to Reception. We have 2 classes in our Reception Unit taught by Mrs Horne and Mrs Lyons. 

Autumn Term - This term we will be learning all about ourselves, our family, our local community and celebrations.  Please have a look under the Learning and Curriculum taps to see what we are learning each week. 

English -  This term we will be focusing on communication and language. We are trying to develop our children's vocabulary and looking at the beginning of mark making and writing key words like their names and labels.  

Phonics - This term the children will be beginning to learn what sounds letters make and beginning to blend these sounds together to read words. Your child will receive reading books and have access to our Early Years library to choose books to share with you at home. 

Maths - This half term we are focusing on numbers up to 5. We teach a Mastery approach in Reception which means we are making sure that children are confident in their numbers to 5 in all area. We begin looking at simple addition and subtraction. 

Understanding the World - This half term we will are focusing on people and the community. The children will spend time sharing about their own families and what their homes are like whilst learning about others. 

Values  - This half term we are looking at the value of Friendship. We wil be learning what it takes to be a good friend and why we make a good friend to others.

PE - The children will be having PE on Friday mornings by our specialist PE coach. Please make sure that children have their full PE kits in each week. Alternatively, they can leave them in school for the half term.