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St Christophers Academy

Year 4

Miss Bell

Welcome to Year 4!

Key Information

P.E. - Year 4 P.E. days will be Tuesdays and Fridays. Children will need to bring in a P.E. kit at the start of the term which will stay in school ready for each lesson.

Homework - Homework will be set every Friday and will be due in the following Wednesday. A weekly list of spelling words be given out on Monday for the children to learn ready for a spelling test on Friday. If there are any difficulties children should speak to their teachers as soon as possible. If any website homework cannot be completed at home, there are school laptops available for use during break and lunch times.   

Reading Books - Reading books and records should be brought to school daily. We encourage children to read every night to support their comprehension skills.  Parents can help encourage their child’s reading by listening to them read, asking questions and showing an interest in the books.


What will we be learning this term?

English – During the Autumn term, our Key texts will include Escape from Pompeii and The Incredible book eating boy. Using these books as our focus, we will explore a variety of writing genres including diaries, letters and explanation texts.


Maths – Maths lessons will begin with Place Value which includes rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000. We will also look at counting in 1,000s, comparing and ordering numbers. Following this, we will begin to look at negative numbers, focusing on counting through 0.


Science – In Science we will be studying the big question ‘What’s the matter?’ which focuses on solids, liquids and gases. We will look at classifying solids, liquids and gases and how materials change when they are heated and cooled.


Geography – Year 4 will be investigating the fascinating question: Will we ever see the water we drink again? To begin, we will consider where our water comes from, the water cycle, what happens to water once it goes down the plughole and how it is treated. We will then consider why water is such a valuable commodity, investigate why some places have drought or a lack of water and how and why we should conserve it.


Music –Every Wednesday afternoon, Year 4 will take part in Sing out Play out music lessons taught by Mrs Monteath from Inspiring Music.  During these lessons, the children will learn a wide variety of songs and their backgrounds, in preparation for the end of school year concert that is held at The Grove Theatre.


History – The history unit of work will investigate the question How do we know the Romans invaded Britain? This includes a focus on the Roman Army and their power, the famous Boudicca and the chance to become an archaeologist!


As well as our general History lessons, each week Year 4 will take part in a specialist Shakespeare workshop which will link in with their study of The Romans. The workshop is designed to introduce the children to the life, times and work of William Shakespeare whilst also touching on links to the current national curriculum. Some of the topics studied during these workshops will be social and economic history of Elizabethan England and Julius Caesar.


R.E. – This term, Year 4 will look at Hinduism. We will focus on who founded Hinduism, where is was founded and how worship is carried out.


P.E. – Mr Kenneford will teach the children on both Tuesdays and Fridays with a focus on outdoor games.


Remember to keep looking out for updates and photos of our learning!