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St Christophers Academy

Year 6

Welcome to 2020 / 2021

Year 6 Key Information page

Mr Leonard is the Year 6 teacher.  The contact email is

Spring Term

5th January 2021

Email sent by Year 6 teacher regarding Remote Learning:

Dear Year 6 Parents,

As you will be very well aware, primary schools have been instructed to shift to remote learning with immediate effect.  This is as disappointing to me as it will be to you and your children and it is my aim to maintain their learning and the great progress made so far this school year.

For Year 6 SCA pupils, this will involve using Microsoft Teams where instructions, lessons and tasks will be published every school day.  The children have all been using Microsoft Teams since September and are familiar with how it works.  However there is a link to a Student Guide to using Teams here :    and a Parent Guide to using Teams here :

To allow the learning to be maximised, there are two envelopes of materials (including logins, passwords and the class reading book) that need to be collected from the front of the school between 11am and 12pm tomorrow morning (Wednesday 6th Jan).  Your child will need these essential materials in order to complete their remote education.  Please observe the HANDS – FACE – SPACE guidance when you come to collect the two envelopes tomorrow.

The first instructions and lessons will be available on Microsoft Teams from tomorrow afternoon.  All pupils should access the lessons and tasks set every day.  They can use Microsoft Teams to post messages to me about any difficulties they are having with the learning.  I will access the Teams channels regularly during each working day to read any communication.

There will obviously be some difficulties as we all familiarise ourselves with teaching and learning in a different way but the main objective is to keep all children learning and help secure their futures.  Feel free to contact me if you need to.

I hope to see you all in the future in better circumstances.

Best regards,

Mr Leonard